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            Double Glazing Door
            Aluminum foil tape
            Cloth tape
            PET tape
            Masking tape
            Kraft paper tape
            BOPP tape
            Fibre tape
            Mylar tape
            Polyimide tape
            Non-woven tape
            Double-sided tape
            Tool-free tape
            Special PE tape
            PE protection film, enlace film
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                Suzhou Zhenyu Material Technology Co., Ltd.(Changshushi Zhenyu Rubberized Tape CO., LTD.) located at Chang Shu southeast development zone ,which is provincial economic development zone of Jiangsu province , it is close to Shajiabang  scenic spot. the company was founded in 1999, covers an area of 18000 square meter.

                The main products of the company involve various types of adhesive tapes for household appliances as well as a variety of double glazing doors.  The adhesive tape products involve aluminum-foil tapes, PET tapes, cloth-based tapes, OPP tapes, high-temperature textured tapes, kraft tapes, etc., among which aluminum-foil tapes are the backbone products, falling into three types:  aluminum-foil tape with paper-liner, aluminum-foil tape without paper-liner and rubber-type aluminum-foil tape (custom made for Hairer Group as a substitute for 3M-aluminum-foil tape).  The hollow-glass door products involve  wine-cooler cabinet glass doors, display cabinet glass doors, medical freezer glass doors, food freezer glass doors, etc., with an annual production capacity of 500,000 sets.  The company enjoys a powerful R&D team to develop new products hand in hand with customers.

                Our company specializes in making supporting products for such nationwide companies as Haier, Samsung, Sharp, Hisense , Midea , Baixu, Daewoo, Sanyo, AHT, Aucma, etc. and enjoys a good popularity with household appliance industry, electronic industry, photoelectric industry, and so on.

                Our company possesses a highly-quality managerial and technical personnel team, consisting of a group of young staff members full of initiatives and team spirit.  As one of the domestic manufacturers producing aluminum foils, high-temperature textured tapes and cloth-based tapes, our company has become an enterprise of relatively large scale in the domestic industry of adhesive products.  In 2001, the company obtained the ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System certification and in 2007, obtained the ISO14001: 2004 environment system certification. Our products sell well on both domestic and overseas markets.

                The company strictly sticks to the tenet of ¡°people-oriented, advanced technology, integrity management, creating famous brand¡±, and based on ever-improved production and innovative technical process, following the guideline of  ¡° promoting stable quality, and creating famous brand¡±, the company constantly absorbs the world¡¯s advanced management concepts. In terms of human resources management the company always emphasizes the concept of people-oriented; in terms of business management, it implements and improves the scientific and efficient and modern management system; in terms production procedures, it consistently optimizes and implements standardized operating procedures on production process; in terms of product quality, it makes every effort to establish and achieve whole-process dynamic monitoring; in terms of product R&D, it constantly improves the technical content and creates additional value of products; and in terms of marketing management, it  follows the principle of double-win and creating value for customers so as to comprehensively upgrade the competitive power of the enterprise.

                Look into the future, the company will, under the leadership of Mr. Wang Zhenming, the Chairman of the Board, pursue the business idea of ¡°integrity, innovation, perfection, and dedication,¡± effect steady moderate development, maintain sustained operation, and be devoted to making ¡°Zhenyu Technology¡± an internationally famous brand.

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